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To those of us who have been following the Middle East situation line-by-line, that sentence is momentous because it hasn’t been the case up to now.
In fact, Bush and Powell’s actions and admonitions of Israel have been, in essence, exactly the opposite.
That’s why we’ve all been lamenting the loss of the Bush Doctrine in Israel.
And that’s why this sentence is striking. All of a sudden the administration wants to get on this page, yet there’s one person who has been on it and has stuck with the Bush Doctrine all along ? Ariel Sharon.
Our belief is that history and facts are the best foundation on which to build anything, whether a belief, a philosophy, or a principle. Keeping that in mind, you can hear Rush recap some of the history of the past two weeks, laying out the facts in explaining what’s to come. Remember now, at the end of this long, dark tunnel sits Saddam Hussein, Iraq, and Colin Powell’s desire to have our imminent attack on Iraq take place as part of a coalition.

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