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Now, McCain couldn’t beat Bush as a Republican, right? He couldn’t win among the Republican base. Yet New Republic thinks he can beat Bush if he makes his policies official and runs as a Democrat.
They think that he can get more votes than Dub – even though he’s proved he can’t – than Algore! That’s amazing, when you consider that Algore won a few more votes than George W. Bush in the popular election last time around.
I told you that these articles don’t come out by accident, and sure enough, another one appeared right away! Washington Weekly published it, as part of what I suggested might be a massive trial balloon.
McCain’s not going to make this break and run if he doesn’t think he has the support. He has to make it look as if Democrats begged him to run and save the country. Only then will he serve. So his people are putting out these stories, and seeing who salutes.

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