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In Hollywood, many times decisions on programs to put on the air and what people to hire come down to one question. Is the person who does the hiring going to get creamed at the next cocktail party for daring associate with “those people”? I kid you not. This crisis may actually bridge the gap between these two groups, and solve some of the misunderstandings that have been based on stereotypes and not substance.I discussed this coalition on Tuesday’s show, and pointed out that this conservative White House isn’t pushing the Sharon government as hard as they could. We’re doing all we can to show fairness so we can say we haven’t chosen sides. We’re demanding that Arafat denounce terrorism and demanding the Israelis pull out. But if we wanted them to pull out, they’d be out.

This means Bush is willing to look ineffective to the world, and I think he does this with an eye towards the endgame in Iraq. I cannot emphasize enough how important that is. I can’t emphasize enough how alarmed everybody is in official Washington over Saddam Hussein’s close proximity to acquisition of weapons of mass destruction – WMDs. They don’t want that to happen, and they aren’t going to let it happen.

It’s imminent that we’re going to take him out and attempt to replace him with a pro-American democratic regime. There is a desire to do so with a supporting coalition that would include “the moderate Arab states.” I still want to know of one, but that is beside the point. Because I think Bush does have his eyes on the policy at the end of the day that will do us the most good, and his base in the conservative Christian community see the same thing.

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