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I just don’t get this. Dick Gephardt’s mother would never, ever think of this on her own – and with Dick as an in-the-know son, she’d know her Soche Security checks aren’t in danger. When I read this, I just had to play the old Dick Gephardt’s Imaginary Friend parody. This came about when Gephardt claimed he was meeting with a billionaire who tried to influence him on tax policy. Of course, supposedly this mythical billionaire didn’t want a tax cut!
Way back when the Democrats were accusing us of starving kids, I joked about sending my mother a can opener. Patsy Schroeder went to the floor of the House of Representatives and told the story as though it were true! What gets me is that the media reported those stories as if GOP were really mean enough to starve seniors – and that they somehow thought they’d get re-elected by doing so! Compare that to the coverage of an issue I’ll be talking about a lot this week – the Alternate Minimum Tax.
Even the IRS wants this tax abolished, saying it’s unfair. Like so much federal legislation, it’s having unintended consequences in the real world. It’s not hitting the target it was aimed at. But I read a bunch of stories saying that “Congress” won’t repeal it, and is “reluctant to repeal it.” It’s not Congress; it’s the Democrats! And reluctant? They’re adamantly opposed to ending this unfair tax, because they know their socialist schemes will lose half a trillion dollars. Yet this isn’t reported as the Democrats opposing cutting the taxes for those unfairly taxed. It’s unreal.

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