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Clinton’s Madeleine Albright-led State Department “pressed federal officials to pull agents off the previously undisclosed investigation after the charities were targeted in the diversion of cash to groups that funded terrorism and do fund terrorism.”
Former federal prosecutor John J. Loftus told the Times, “If federal agents had been allowed to conduct the investigation they wanted in 1995, they would have made the connection between the Saudi government and those charities,” thus preventing cash from flowing into the pockets of hundreds of suicide attackers.
You talk about Bush being “engaged,” the left’s new buzzword? What about this kind of engagement? This amazes me. This is, in essence, saying the Clinton administration allowed the sponsoring of terrorism to take place. It’s just unbelievable. Surely I can’t be reading this right. Surely the Clinton administration would not be doing things to encourage Middle Eastern terrorism all for the sake of covering up its own ties.

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