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Jonathan Alter interviewed the former president about the former president’s favorite subject: himself. Rush rolled some intercepted audio files of the interview on Monday’s program, and treated us to his beloved Clinton impression. These .wav files of Clinton talking with Alter had much the same tone of frustration, self-absorption and self-righteous indignation as that fateful day when then-President Bill Clinton called a radio talk show host at KMOX to attack another talk show host.
The other talk show host, of course, was Rush, and the call provided Rush with the moniker “America’s Truth Detector,” after Mr. Clinton ranted that Rush had no “truth detector” on his program. Not surprisingly, Der Schlick still refuses to take the blame for anything. He even goes so far as to blame the pardon of fugitive Marc Rich on the scars left by the GOP’s “overzealous prosecution.”

Clinton claimed to rue the day he pardoned Rich, to which Rush responded, “That’s bovine excrement. The only difference between that and a bag of horse manure is the bag.” Throughout this interview, Clinton says that the GOP were intent ruling. Never mind the fact that he, Clinton, won the election, a conspiracy was going to rule and dominate and take him down. He was in their sights from Day One! He was under siege! He didn’t do anything wrong, and history will vindicate him if only he can get his new book out before the historians write theirs.
It’s just an incredible interview, and an incredible study of one man’s Me, Me, Me, Me mentality. You moderates should listen closely to these sound bites, and Rush’s commentary on them, because you never did make up your minds on anything, you just went along with the crowd. Now that Mr. Clinton is stripped of the power and prestige of the Oval Office, do you finally see how whiny, small and pathetic he sounds?

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