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She continues: “Limbaugh’s case is unusual. Most adults who are considering the surgery have been deaf far longer than the 51-year-old celebrity was. As I weighed my decision, I tried to ignore the Limbaugh stories and encouraged my family to do likewise – anecdotal evidence can be inspiring but also misleading. Each person’s experience with cochlear implants is unique, except for one thing: it takes a lot of patience and then more patience to adjust to the new world of hearing.”
Her story is identical to mine in terms of the surgery, hookup process and other things. It sounds like she’s doing just as well as I did. It’s pretty close, according to what she writes. She even says that the first voices she heard sounded like Donald Duck. The voices I heard on one of the two programs available on my cochlear implant sounded like Alvin the Chipmunk, but luckily, on the other program which I use most of the time, the voices sound normal – though obviously electronic.
So congratulations, Suzanne! I hope everyone can be as lucky as we were.

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