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The co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, wrote a column in the <a href=”/home/folder/greenpeace_march_26.member.html”>LA Times</a> on Tuesday that is just incredible. It’s basically an indictment of the whole environmentalist wacko movement, which he is no longer part of. Moore left Greenpeace and is now the president of Greenspirit, an environmental consultant to government and industry.
The former-wacko, who is now reformed, had some pretty extraordinary admissions that validate many things I have said over the course of the years, not only on the radio program, but also in my best-selling books, which you can hear in the link below. Basically, the title of the column should have been, “Rush Is Right.”

Since the beginning of EIB history, we have been trying to expose that the wackos are not people working in the best interests of the American capitalist or free market system. In fact, their purpose is to oppose and damage the very system our country thrives on.

The environmentalist wackos have actually set themselves up rather brilliantly, because everybody is for clean water and clean air. They’re very seductive in that way, and they have a lot of people who pay scant attention thinking that they’re only worried about pollution, when in fact, that’s not at all their concern or objective.
These are the same people that go out there and support cartoon shows like Captain Planet, Ted Turner’s little creation, the purpose of which is to poison little school kids’ minds about corporations, and get them thinking that corporations only exist to pollute. And what will happen when you pollute? Well, you might destroy the cure for AIDS or some other disease like cancer. It’s hideous what these groups have done to the minds of average Americans and their children, which are one and the same in many cases. This story is a big deal, folks, because it validates so much that we have said here over all these years.

Read the Column…
<a href=”/home/folder/greenpeace_march_26.member.html”>(LA Times: Greenpeace Founder: Forests Not In Danger)</a>

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