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Now, I have just one question: If Tom Daschle and Gephardt and everybody says this kind of money corrupts them, and they just voted to ban it, how come all these new regulations don’t go into effect until December? I would expect them to say “No way!” to the money, because they just got through shredding the First Amendment in the name of banning these kinds of contributions.
You talk about hypocrisy! We cannot pool our contributions with those of like-minded Americans to produce TV commercials 60 days before an election that might criticize an incumbent or his opponent, but man, the DNC and all these Republicans too can slurp up as much cash as they want now! Where is the leadership? If money is corrupting, it’s always corrupting. It doesn’t matter if it’s now or November.
What does this Haim Saban expect to get for his $7 million samoleons, anyway? Well, we know that this guy is in trouble with Morgan Stanley, which took the extreme step of suing him for reneging on $11.9 million he owes for assisting in last year’s sale of Fox Family. He’s only been charged. That doesn’t mean he’s guilty, but what happens when he needs a hand in this case, and rings up Terry McAuliffe? Will he hang up on him as Bush hung up on Ernon?
This thing stinks, folks. It’s just absolutely putrid.

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