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Think about that: this so-called do-gooder effort to improve safety on the highways, killed 46,000 of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins and neighbors. Think of all these stories you hear of road fatalities. Remember the names of those people, and realize that there are some sports stadiums that don’t hold as many people as these foolish laws have killed! That number is even more earth-shattering when you consider that 41,821 died in all car crashes in the year 2000! We hear a lot about drunk drivers, but they killed 16,653 in 2000 – still not as much as these CAFE laws. I urge you to look at these numbers on in the EIB Excerpt linked below, because we can’t elevate these numbers even higher — and see tens of thousands more dead on the highway – because people like John F. Kerry want to advance their political careers.

I mean, here you have Democrats, the party of Bill Clinton, and look at what they’re doing to these soccer moms in their SUVs!They’re telling them to drive plastic cars like the “Ford Excuse” which we parodied on Wednesday’s show, and risk the lives of their children! The cost of the CAFE standards has been roughly 7,700 deaths for every mile per gallon gained! Liberals are for this, and they’re the ones who get all the credit for caring about saving people and protecting people and making sure that people live. This requires a victims’ compensation fund!

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