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There’s an organization made up of survivors from the Oklahoma City bombing who are complaining that they’re being forgotten and want the same deal the families of the September 11th victims are getting. Meanwhile, some of the families of the September 11th victims are saying they’re not getting enough.
It just repulses me, but folks, this is what forty to fifty years of entitlement politics has led to in the minds of way too many of our citizens. There’s no other explanation for this, unless you want to get even nastier and say, “No Rush, it’s just human nature, it’s just the natural greed of individuals.” Well, I thought we were better than this. Maybe not.
We have servicemen and servicewomen offering their lives in sacrifice each and every day. And I think it’s interesting to compare a side-by-side comparison of the benefits received by these individuals, and those of September 11th. The numbers just astound me and I think they speak for themselves. You can hear me outline them in the audio link below.
On Sunday, Sam Donaldson asked Tommy Franks, the commander of our troops in Afghanistan, about this and whether or not he thought it was unfair that there was such a staggering difference in compensation. Franks, of course, said he was not the guy to answer that question, indicating that the president will have to deal with the issue. But the answer here is pretty obvious.

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