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We kicked off audio of the Edwards’ interview with our brand new, instant EIB Classic: the Pickering Update Theme Song “Come On, Let’s Bork Again ” by Ted Kennedy. Then, the first clip featured Tony saying, “A lot of people think that this is all about you trying to make your bones with Democrats.” Instead of addressing whether or not he was trying to score points specifically with Democrats as Tony proposed, Edwards answered as if the question had been about him trying to win points with the American people in general. If that’s not the spirit of Slick, what is?
Senator Edwards even tried his hand at aping Bill Clinton’s famous triangulation game, saying that the people for Judge Pickering are extreme and those against him are also extreme, thus positioning himself a moderate, right-in-the-middle, very reasoned kind of guy. Even when Tony Snow came at Edwards with the fact that Al Gore’s brother-in-law favors Judge Pickering, Edwards managed to weasel free.
To say that nobody knows who Pickering is, and then that nobody is following this, is sophistry – and Edwards knows it. There is only one answer to the question of whether or not he’s embarking here on a national crusade to get himself known. Clearly, he is.

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