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Mr. President, remember the brilliant address you made to the nation explaining our course of action in fighting world terrorism? I say the same kind of approach is called for with this deceptively named campaign finance reform bill. You enjoy an amazing level of trust with the American people. They trust you. They believe in your honesty and integrity. You could explain to them just why this bill is unconstitutional, and why it ought not ever see the light of day. The First Amendment has just been amended here in wanton violation of the Constitution.
Folks, when John McCain was running for president in the Republican primary, I said, “If Russia passed a new law that restricted free speech and competitive elections in the way that the McCain-Feingold bill does, and then claimed it was reform, our state department and human rights groups would denounce it as repression of the Russian people. The New York Times and Washington Post editorial pages would rail against these efforts as anti-Democratic – which they are.” This bill is un-American, wrong and against freedom, and I say this knowing that it would make me even more powerful than I am now. Think about that.
President Bush has demonstrated that he has the resolve and the courage and the principle to face down the evil of terrorism. He’s shown that he is committed to doing what’s right regardless of what the European Union, congressional Democrats or even the media has to say about it. He’s doing the right thing. He’s following his instincts. Well, let me suggest that this assault on the Bill of Rights requires no less resolve and courage by the president to prevent a severe blow to our liberty.
To me, this is gut-check time, Mr. President. One of the major reasons you were supported over McCain back in the primary season in the year 2000 was your stand against this very bill. Stand up for free speech. Veto this bill.

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