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Gephardt’s most important day in the House should have been when the Congress came together at a joint session last September to hear the president of the United States give one of the most important speeches in recent American history. As you know, Bush assured a shaken nation that he would avenge the worst mass murder of citizens in our history in that speech. He declared war on terrorism, called the nation to arms, and united us like rarely before.
For most Americans, that was the most important day in the House in 25 years, not this silly, stupid, deceptively named campaign finance reform bill. But I can understand what Gephardt is saying, ladies and gentlemen. To him, job one is securing, maintaining and exercising power.
To him, Tom Daschle, other liberals in the Democratic – and, sadly, some in the Republican – Party, the Constitution is an obstacle to their designs on this country and on their role in it.
To them, the Constitution of the United States is an impediment to bigger government, and parts of it have to be swept aside so that government can grow, so that more power can be amassed in Washington, D.C. What’s shocking is that these people know that they’re shredding the First Amendment. They know they are amending the Constitution – something you can’t do by a simple majority vote.

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