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You can make arguments for both, but certainly the right to free speech – particularly within the political realm – has to rank in the top two. After all: it’s not the First Amendment by accident. Remember, the Founding Fathers had a brilliant understanding of the human spirit to be free in all aspects. It is how we are created. It’s how we’re born. They understood that, and they wrote a Constitution that, in essence, codified it.
Freedoms and rights do not come from other men. They do not come from government. They are “endowed by our creator.” We are born with them. As we are witnessing, the only limitations on freedom result from the actions of men. The nature of our creation is the yearning for unbridled freedom. We discuss laws to properly limit our yearning for freedom and where to properly place those limits, but the proper placement of these limits has just been overstepped by a huge margin by a bunch of men and women for the sole purpose of protecting their own electability.

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