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If you missed me while I was gone, I hope you checked out the Essential Stack of Stuff, available exclusively to Rush 24/7 members. The e-mails are pouring in from people who can’t get enough of the stack and all the information it contains. Anyway, EIB touched back down in Florida at about 1:30 in the morning. I grabbed some sleep, and arrived for Thursday’s show ready and raring to go.
I even had one of my patented, anti-hoarseness remedies standing by within moments of arriving. What is this remedy? Well, in case I get hoarse, I have a chocolate donut recipe that overcomes it. It’s amazing how that works, but it does. Something about the chocolate soothes and moistens the ol’ pipes, and I’m able to once again execute broadcast excellence flawlessly.
Anyway, I want you to get the information here and only here on my hearing, because other sources often miss the facts. The latest? I’m having a profound level of success with my cochlear implant. Wednesday’s regularly scheduled programming session meant sitting with the audiologist for about three hours, and having administered to me a bunch of tests that center around what I hear, how loud I hear it, and when I hear it. I signify by raising my hand or somehow identify it.
After going through all of these tests, the program is updated or mapped. It’s a software program that I wear in the processor on my belt here that is connected to a head piece behind my left ear that then is connected to the implant in my inner ear. That program obviously improves if my hearing is improving.
Everything is just crystal clear as a bell now. There’s none of the fuzziness that I described when I first was hooked up, none of the things that sound like tape hiss, things like that. Voices are not faster or slower than normal. They’re just as normal as they can be. Of course, during Thursday’s show I thought I heard somebody say that Chandra Levy was advising John McCain on the campaign finance reform, so I guess the implant is not working fully, 100% in all circumstances.

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