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Vickie proposed that we’re not talking about “free” speech when we talk about banning political ads, because the ads have to be paid for. But that isn’t what’s meant by free speech, my friends. Free speech means the freedom to speak – and that’s what the House of Representatives stopped.
The opposite or converse of free speech is not paid speech. The opposite of free speech is no speech, the abridgement of speech – and that’s what happened Wednesday night while you slept. That’s why Vickie and all of you other supporters of this bill that has such a great sounding name, need to join me on this. The freedom to speak, in whatever form, 60 days before an election, was stamped out by Congress.
Vickie spoke for a lot of people about these political ads, saying that whenever you see something that you know is paid for time time, like an infomercial, you don’t trust what you hear. To illustrate the absurdsudity of this non-thinking way of judging who’s telling the truth, I JIPed a George W. Bush speech.
A lot of people probably do think any time a person is buying commercials – especially in the political realm – they’re just saying whatever they have to on TV. But these infomercials work. Look at these silly electronic things that are supposed to give you rock-hard abs. People are buying them!

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