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Over the past three or four months, I’ve gone from being able to hear, to total deafness, to a restoration of hearing through a cochlear implant. I’m so touched by all those in our extended EIB family pulling, praying and pushing for me. This recap of my announcement of autoimmune inner-ear disease – AIED – explains just what the affliction and the cochlear implant are. People have written and called asking for the facts, so here they are.

(November 19, 2001: Bionic Rush 2002)
(December 11, 2001: Deafness Has Its Fringe Benefits)
(December 20, 2001: The House Ear Clinic’s Dr. De la Cruz)
(December 20, 2001: Media Q&A Session with Rush’s Doctors)

(January 3, 2002: E-I-Brain Surgery)
(January 4, 2002: Rush Isn’t Hearing – Yet)
(January 9, 2002: The Real Dope on Rush’s Hearing)
(January 21, 2002: Rush Restored!)
(January 21, 2002: Medical Marvel?)
(January 21, 2002: Two Deaf Guys Talk on the Radio)
(January 21, 2002: Rush Talks About His Hearing)
(January 22, 2002: This is Why We Tell the Story)
(January 31, 2002: The Real Story)

(February 14, 2002: How It Sounds)
(February 22, 2002: Listen Up)
(March 29, 2002: Bionic Woman)

(July 11, 2002: Hearing Update: Blasted Bionic Bureaucracy!)

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