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Scott in San Jose, California rang up Rush to say he too had lost his hearing, and has had a cochlear implant for eleven years. Scott received his treatment at the House Ear Clinic in L.A. as Rush did. At the time, the doctors there told Scott to immerse himself in sound as much as he could tolerate – and he chose to enjoy the sweetest sound known to man, that of Rush speaking on the EIB Network.
Scott thanked Rush for being part of his rehabilitation – both in his hearing and in his former life as a “bed-wetting liberal.”
For his first call of the day and this new Era of Limbaugh, Rush spoke to Tammy. This young lady revealed an amazing coincidence: she had given birth to her son on Rush’s birthday! Could it be that years of faithful listening caused this phenomenon? Who are we to say?
It was truly a Martin Luther King Jr. Day of miracles on the radio.

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