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I wanted you all to see what all is involved here, because it is amazing. It’s amazing that it was conceived, and that after some medical genius conceived of it, that they were actually able to put it into practice. I don’t know what your thoughts on God and creation are, but when you go through a loss of hearing like this and have it restored electronically or medically, you’re incredibly thankful.
The hearing that I have is nowhere near yours, nowhere near normal, but to me, coming from a vantage point of total deafness, it’s a Godsend. It’s tremendous. If you’re curious about what things sound to me, I describe it as sounding like one of those micro-cassette recorders being played back. That’s what things sound like to me. I hear things with a little more low depth, and they have high frequency tape hiss. There’s a minimal amount of that, though, and there’s been improvement since Thursday, when I was first hooked up – especially with the phone and music.
So everybody’s pretty optimistic about it, and I’m bowled over the more I think about all that has happened and how. It’s amazing.

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