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How many times during tax-cut debates have the liberals made the case that we’re not paying our fair share? How many times did you hear them suggest that you send your tax-cut check back to Washington? Folks, we’re sending so much damn money to Washington that we’re running surpluses for crying out loud.
My feeling during all this was don’t tell me Washington doesn’t have money, but if you want Washington to have more, then go ahead and send your check, but don’t make me send mine.

The governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, also became tired with this kind of talk and did something about it. The Washington Times reported about how he set up a Tax Me More Fund to give voters who think they are not taxed enough the chance to send more money to the state of Arkansas.

In a telephone interview with the Times, Huckabee said that his opponents in the news media and in the state legislature were nearly apoplectic when he announced the creation of the fund, but he’s not fazed one bit and is having “way too much fun” with the whole thing.

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