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We’ve been working on a test of it, and that’s what we’ve posted right here. This is like the centrifuge tests back when we were getting ready to go to the moon. It’s a real small first step, but you have to take them if you want to take that “one giant leap for mankind.” This piece features impeached president Bill Clinton’s famous walk through the bowels of the Staples Center, at the 2000 Democratic National Convention.
They had the camera following him and all that ominous music. We’ve taken that and placed some graphics of what we think you should know now, and that you’ll wish you’d known when you saw that WWF knockoff walk.

We included his arrival at the podium and his waving to the crowd and shots of his adoring wife (who can’t believe he got through there without somebody tackling him.) Her eyes are as bug-eyed as I’ve ever seen them. There’s not a word uttered. It’s all on the screen for you. It’s moving video, not stills. It’s on the free side because it’s a demo, and an illustration of how we are continuing to do everything we can to update this website – especially on the Rush 24/7 subscriber side.
We never stand pat with anything. I’ll never forget my old buddy George Toma, head groundskeeper of the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs, said to me. He was groundskeeping for all the NFL and at Super Bowl XXVIII in Atlanta. I was up in the press box before the game and I look down, and he’s on the sidelines crawling along with duct tape on his hands and knees. I went down there and said, “What are you doing, George?”
He said, “I’m picking up lint from the sidelines. This is national TV. It’s the Super Bowl. People around the world are going to see this, and I want this place looking the best it can. You know me, Rush. You always do everything you can and then a little more.”
Do Everything You Can and Then a Little More: that’s RushLimbaugh.com.

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